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I have found my people

5 January 2021

Starting the year with a brand new badge was fun. I am really proud to be a founder member of Digital Women and could not recommend this wonderful community group enough.

I came across the group at a time when I really needed some support at the beginning of the first lockdown last year. Not only did I get some personal help and business support, I have made some great friends and found my own true value.

I nervously put myself forward as a speaker for a Digital Women online skill sharing event. It was a huge leap for me, something brand new but I knew deep down there were something things I knew that I could share and help others with. Since then I have been a speaker at all of the Digital Women and Digital Growth events in 2020 covering topics such as Google Ads, social media data, time saving tools and Instagram insights.

Not only does Digital Women provide me with a platform to be able to share my knowledge, to give back and help others more I am able to expand my own skill base. I have access to a huge menu of regular learning opportunities and CPD courses.

The very best thing about Digital Women is the networking and the people I have connected with. We are each on our own journeys with our own ups and downs but we come together every other week to talk and share. I know I can lean on these ladies for support and guidance and when I don’t know something the tribe is there to share the expertise with me.

Digital Women created by Lucy Hall started with one key mission: to empower as many women through digital skill sharing as possible. All women are welcome and if you want to learn and upskill in digital, be inspired by a community of like-minded women, and acquire the skills to grow your business or career Digital Women is for you!

I can personally vouch that what you pay in membership you will receive back ten fold in member benefits and value. The membership website has had a huge update recently with even more CPD courses and training available.

If you would like to know more please just ask or click here to join me and thousands of other fantastic female entrepreneurs >>>