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Meet Fresh Approach Digital Founder Emma York

A fresh approach to digital marketing

Do you feel as though you’re swimming against the tide on social media?

That no matter how hard you try, you’re getting nowhere fast?

Or maybe your team is confused with the constant platform changes and are struggling to keep their head above water.

Sound familiar? Then I’m here to throw you a digital life belt!

Get On Course For Social Success

I’m Emma York, a social media trainer, digital marketing specialist and founder of Fresh Approach Digital. I’ve worked in PR and marketing for more than 12 years and have a lifetime of personal and professional experience in the marine industry. Whether you need social media training for your internal team, would like 1:1 coaching or want to hand everything over to an expert, you can rely on me to get the job done.

Why work with me?

Clients love working with me because I’m open and honest (maybe a little too honest at times), I make social media easy and fun and have years of experience in the leisure marine industry. 

Whatever your business, I can help. My happy clients include watersport training schools, boat shows, sailing associations, yacht clubs, marinas, event companies and much more. 

When you work with Fresh Approach Digital, I’ll free up your valuable time, become a trusted member of your team and implement a bespoke marketing strategy so that you hit your business goals.

Contact me today if you want to…

✔️Upskill your team and get a better understanding of social media 

✔️Feel confident your social platforms are on course for success

✔️Build brand awareness, attract new customers & make more sales

Fresh Approach Digital happy clients

“Thank you so much Emma for all your help and advice. You’re a real star! You know how to explain and share your knowledge to people like me with so much enthusiasm and energy.”
Netherton Farm Lodge
"Our training sessions are super! Very useful, practical and clear and not too 'overwhelming'. Also your homework for us is helpful and really makes us focus.”
Monty & Piet
Roelofs and Rubens ceramic designs

Why me?

I love social media training, speaking (and tea) and have been working with business social media campaigns for over ten years. Take advantage of all that I have learnt, the good, the bad, the epic and shape your online presence.

I can help to limit overwhelm, inspire content creation and provide techniques and skills for you to manage and develop your channels.

Who Am I?

I truly love where I live! Living by the sea on the South Coast, I love to sail, play hockey, paddleboard my local river and spend time outdoors. When not outside I am enjoying a big mug of tea with my nose in a book. 

My happy place is the sea and I have been passionately sailing, doing various watersports and working with the
leisure marine industry for most of my life.